Welcome to the X-Scape Gateway!
News & Announcements!
[1] Our Gateway is under construction and being updated constantly, please bear with us and check back regularly!
[2] Server Stimulation Initiative, As a means to grow our player base we are offering the following incentives.
[3] Our first content update poll is live vote now!
[4] As I continue to learn css and experiment our gateway has been scrapped and recieved another overhaul!
About X-Scape
X-Scape was founded on the principle that we simply can.

RSPS servers are open source in short this means they have the potential for infinite diversity and creativity through customization, A fact which is often wasted on developers seeking to recreate the game instead.

X-Scape is devoted to providing you with the ultimate custom RSPS experience through expanded crafting systems, new skills, bosses, spells, mini games, maps, and more. Come experience a new take in the familiar stylings of the game we all know and love.

Connect with us!
Join us on discord or sit on on live developer commentary about upcoming updates and ideas for the future direction of the server!