Welcome to X-Scape RSPS

The XScape team is devoted to bringing you 100% unique content while offering security, stability, and continuity. Our servers operate additional autonomous systems which reduce lag and safeguards player data while our running costs are phenomenally low due to the versatile skill set of our development team.

New theme for the XScape Gateway!

| Posted by Paradox | 28th of September

From our very first release of our temporary gateway the community has been ... opinionated... on my work. So what is a developer to do but try to improve? Enjoy the latest improvement :D

Update 2018_10_1! Quests, Minigames, Spells & More!

| Posted by Paradox | 1st of October

Our next major content update is here! Due to for some unforseen complications we are forced to release our content update scheduled for October the 14th early. Although the systems are not complete they still have much to offer and I thought I would give you guys a head start as there is a lot of grind involved which should buy me some time to do some much needed little house cleaning on the server.